The conference program is organised as follows:

21 November - workshops (full–day events running in parallel)

22-23 November - main conference (two-day event including keynote presentations, paper presentations, videoposter and demos presentations, and doctoral consortium presentations).

Details about the program are published below as they become available.

Accepted Workshops

This year’s workshops cover a wide range of topics:

Technology for Bonding in Human-Animal Interaction
Heli Väätäjä, Päivi Majaranta, Heini Törnqvist, Mari Ainasoja, Oskar Juhlin and Clara Mancini

FarmJam2017: Designing Enrichment for Farm Animals
Fiona French, Sofya Baskin, Adrian David Cheok, Eleonora Nannoni, Billy Wallace, Anna Zamansky

Of Kittens and Kiddies: Reflections on Participatory Design with Small Animals and Small Humans
Yoram Chisik and Clara Mancini

Keynote presentations

We celebrate this year’s conference theme, improving relations, with two very special keynote speakers:

Opening Keynote
Picture of Anne McBride
Dr Anne McBride
University of Southampton,
United Kingdom

Closing Keynote
Picture of Ádám Miklósi
Prof Ádám Miklósi
Eötvös University, Budapest,

Accepted papers

This year we are inaugurating two ACI conference awards: the ACI Best Paper Award, which will be announced at the conference opening, and the ACI Best Presentation Award, which will be announced at the conference closing. The winners will be chosen among the authors of the following paper contributions:

AquaPrism: Dynamically Changing the Color of Aquatic Animals without Injury by Augmenting Aquarium
Shogo Yamashita, Shunichi Suwa, Jun Rekimoto

SmartHof: Towards Animal Social Interactions and Animal Welfare in Smart Farming Systems and Applications
Francisko Carpio, Ana Martin, Admela Jukan, Nina Amla, Nicole Kemper

Exploring Research through Design in Animal-Computer Interactions
Fiona French, Clara Mancini, Helen Sharp

The Role of Ethological Observations for Measuging Animal Reactions to Biotemeletry Devices
Patricia Pazi, Clara Mancini, Blaine Price

Animal-Computer Technology Meets Social Behavior: What to Look for? What to Look forward to?
Jean-Loup Rault, Ludwig Huber

Sonic Experiments with Grey Parrots: A Report on Testing the Auditory Skills and Musical Preferences of Grey Parrots in Captivity
Reinhard Gupfinger, Martin Kaltenbrunner

Designing Interspecies Playful Interactions: Studying Children Perceptions of Games with Animals
Patricia Pons, Javier Jaen

iPig: Towards Tracking the Behavior of Free-roaming Pigs
Juan Haladjan, Ayca Ermis, Bernd Brugge, Zardosht Hodale

Creating an Evaluation Systems for Future Guide Dogs: A Case Study of Designing for both Human and Canine Needs
Sean Mealin, Marc Foster, Alper Bozkurt, David Roberts

Salient Features, Combined Detectors and Image Flipping: an Approach to Haar Cascades for Recognising Horses and Other Complex Deformable Objects
Steve North

Gait Anomaly Detection in Dairy Cattle
Juan Haladjan, Zardosht Hodaie, Stefan Nuske, Bernd Brugge

Utilizing Dog-Computer Interaction to Provide Mental Stimuation in Aging Dogs
Lisa Jessica Wallis, Eniko Kubinyi, Ludwig Huber, Jessica Serra, Friederike Range

Teaching Animal-Computer Interaction: an Experience Report
Anna Zamansky, Sofya Baskin, Dirk van der Linden

K9-Blyzer: Towards Video-Based Automatic Analysis of Canine Behavior
Shir Amir, Anna Zamansky, Dirk van der Linden

Accepted video-posters and demos

To be announced.

Accepted doctoral consortium contributions

To be announced.